Motor City Boogaloo

Tino Gs Dumpster Machine

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Dumpster Machine hits a late night funky Detroit Dance Groove on this JAM!

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Blues Shack

James Cloyd

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Blues Shack is the 1st Single from the upcoming (2024) album from Detroit's Legendary James Cloyd who passed away in August of 2020

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GTO Album from Tino Gs DUMPSTER MACHINE! Click the Album Cover and Get it NOW!

FUNKY D RECORDS Voted 'Outstanding Record Label' 2023 Detroit Music Awards!


Funky D Records is EXCITED to have partnered with Burnside Distribution in Portland, OR-Stay tuned for EXCITING announcements of upcoming releases by Tino Gs Dumpster Machine, Johnny Bee and The Murder Hornets, John Sinclair and more...!

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